It all started from an idea: fuse a love of fashion with a love of theatre.

Through style and self-expression, the theatre stage isn't the only place you can be in the spotlight.

From this, Theatre Club - an ever evolving assortment of fashion that aims to blend style and theatre, while entertaining and educating in the process.

The Mission:

to seamlessly blend the worlds of streetwear and theatre, bringing our patrons a unique style that tells a story and invites conversation. We are dedicated to educating our community about the rich history and vibrant culture of theatre, while celebrating the bold creativity of street style. Through our designs and curated collections, we aim to connect diverse communities, creating a shared space where self-expression and artistic passion thrive. From the crew to the ingenue, we believe in the power of both fashion and theatre to inspire, unite, and transform.

One way we strive to empower is by connecting those around us. To celebrate the PBS viewing of Purlie Victorious, Leslie Odom, Jr. helped introduce Theatre Club to the world, gifting the first 24 orders. With this, we've partnered with Rooted Theatre Company in East New York, Brooklyn and are donating a portion of all sales made in our first month to them. Check them out here!