merch. has established a procedure for a fair review of complaints related to any workplace controversy, conflict, or harassment. employees may take their complaint directly to the person or department listed in step 2 if the complaint is related to their supervisor or manager or if the employee feels the supervisor or manager would not provide an impartial resolution to the problem.

step 1

the complaint should be submitted orally or in writing to a supervisor or manager within three working days of the incident or as soon as possible. sooner is better, as it will assist in a more accurate investigation, but complaints will be taken seriously regardless of when they are reported. generally, a meeting will be held within three business days of the employee's request, depending upon scheduling availability. attempts will be made to resolve the issue during the meeting, but regardless of whether there is an immediate resolution, the supervisor or manager will give the employee a written summary of the meeting within three business days. resolution may take longer if further investigation of the complaint is required. if the employee is not satisfied with the resolution, they may proceed to step 2.

step 2

the employee may submit an oral or written request for review of the complaint and step 1 resolution to the coo or a designated investigator. this request should be made within three working days following the receipt of the step 1 resolution. the coo or the designated investigator will review the complaint and resolution and may call an additional meeting to explore the problem. if warranted, additional fact-finding will be undertaken. a final decision will be rendered within 10 working days after receiving the step 2 request, and a written summary of the resolution will be provided to the employee who filed the complaint.